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Some of the Books I’ve Edited:

Some Kind Words from Clients:

Stephanie was the first editor I’d had who said positive things about my manuscript in addition to offering corrections.  She treated all edits as suggestions. And she enjoyed reading my manuscript, and that spoke volumes to me.I learned a lot about my writing throughout the editing process. She provided teaching so I could prevent the errors from happening again.

When I had questions or issues, she responded in a timely manner, and she returned my manuscript on time.  I would have no problem hiring her over and over. This was my greatest editing experience, hands down.

― Syd Ryan, contemporary romance author


Stephanie was a master at editing my books, but more importantly at helping me make tough decisions when it came to cutting a four-book series to two books. The result is a sharper story that maintains a pace to keep readers invested in my characters’ journey without sacrificing the story. I will definitely be using her again.

― Karen Leppert, contemporary romance author


Stephanie is an amazing editor. I could not have found her at a better time. I was in the middle of writing a book which was very close to my heart, but I was struggling with a lot of doubt with my story. So much, in fact, that I almost didn’t publish it.

Stephanie did a sample edit for me and immediately put my mind at ease. She is gentle, but professional. She gets invested in the story and the characters. She was always available for questions along the way and didn’t make me feel abandoned or like I was annoying her. She didn’t shred my work like Freddie Krueger. All her comments, edits, and suggestions were spot on, and she kept my characters’ voices and personalities.

Stephanie was able to capture my vision and take it to the next level. She fixed all my grammar and punctuation mistakes. She made me love my story again. She was patient with all my crazy, every step of the way.

My book hit the top 100 paid ebooks in the Kindle store within 8 hours of publishing, and I never could have done that without Stephanie. She is truly a hidden gem in the indie editor world. I would love to kidnap her and hide her all for myself, but unfortunately, there are laws against that sort of thing, so I will have to share her.

― Carian Cole, contemporary romance author


This editing process was heaven to me! It’s never been this easy and stress free!

― LeAnn Ashers, contemporary romance author


I wanted to thank you for editing my books. When we began, I had no idea how my books would be transformed, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for holding my hand on this journey and for your expertise. I feel like I’m Seth and Sarah’s mother and you’re the cool aunt they can’t wait to visit.

― Karen Leppert, contemporary romance author


You are so talented in the art of constructive criticism…If my English teacher in school had given me a fraction of the encouragement you give, I would have written books long before this.

― J.Y. Olmos, author of science fiction and paranormal romance


I subcontracted some work to Stephanie, and it was such a relief to know the work was in safe hands. She paid close attention to both my editorial style and the author’s writing style, and both the author and I were really pleased with the job she did. Thanks so much for your help – it was a pleasure working with you.

― Kia Thomas, fiction editor


Stephanie has been working with me for just over two months and I’m really starting to see my trilogy take shape. After completing the first two books in my trilogy, the editor I’d been working with became seriously ill and was unable to continue. I didn’t know where to turn.

I began searching the internet and book blogs looking for someone to pick up where the prior editor left off. Another editor, after reviewing the first few chapters of book one, suggested I contact Stephanie. I am so thankful that I did. Stephanie has gone back through my entire story and is helping me to streamline and tighten my books to make the trilogy a better and, dare I say, a far more gripping read.

― J.Y. Olmos, author of science fiction romance and paranormal romance


I’ve been working with Stephanie on a rather complex project; the manuscript is half-baked and yet I wanted to release my work piecemeal to a restricted circle of sophisticated readers across multiple countries. Stephanie made my project happen, literally (pun intended). She’s been patient, yet fast beyond expectations; respectful of my style, yet firm in her developmental recommendations. I’m grateful beyond words.

― Alexei Sorokin, memoirist


I had already written my second book and needed someone to really go through the story to make sure it all flowed and was grammatically correct. After thoughtful consideration of several potential editors, I chose Stephanie. Her sample edit showed much insight, and I caught a glimpse of her personality through her word choice, style and etiquette. It seemed we were a good fitI wasn’t disappointed.

With the particular content of my book, I stumbled over words in my head that didn’t always make it out smoothly on paper. Stephanie was able to streamline the wording and knew exactly what I was trying to say. Her suggestions helped me focus on being a better writer.

― Kendi Thompson, paranormal romance author


For years I have had friends, family, and other writers read my work to give me an honest review. Not until Stephanie reviewed my memoir did I get what I’ve been looking for. She gives a thorough analysis. First, an overview of how the story breaks down (which will help with query letters). Then, another review which challenges you to look at the entire work and where the strengths and weaknesses lie.

She never tells you what to do, but questions your choices and asks where you might want to change. For me, she even reminded me of the basics that make stories interesting, such as an arc for the characters, which helps since I didn’t change much, but now I will try for my book to find success.

Lastly, and most importantly, she goes line by line in your work. Again, challenging wording and chunks of the story, as well as suggestions on ways to re-phrase but always leaving you in the driver’s seat to improve your work. She also comments and reacts like your readers would: what made her laugh, what lagged a bit, etc.

I am relieved that after almost 20 years of writing, I have found Stephanie. Now I have something meaty to work with and work on. I have a launching pad to take my work to the next level.

― Carol Brook, screenwriter, memoirist, playwright, and filmmaker


Stephanie has worked with me since 2009. She came on board to coordinate virtual book/blog tours for my business. These require a lot of outreach and research online to find appropriate websites and website owners to include. Then she needed to coordinate at least 20 people, products and postings. A virtual tour requires a lot of coordination, thorough research, great communication and people skills and an eye for detail.

She also worked with me on a client project, including social media set up and blog posting for a high-profile client. We worked on a series of e-books about learning to love, accept and respect yourself. We discussed my initial ideas in detail and then planned how to best approach the project from concept to a finished product ready for publication.

I’ve also had the opportunity to recommend her to clients. A most notable person is a high-profile yoga instructor who needed an editor and proofreader for one of her books. She hired Stephanie and I only heard raves about her work.

I’d highly recommend Stephanieand have on a number of occasions. If you want someone who will listen to what you want, can proceed on her own and who doesn’t need you to look over her shoulder, you should definitely consider her.

― Nikki Leigh, award-winning author & social media publicist