Recommended Resources

Writing and Self-Editing:


  • Alessandre Torre Ink: She offers online classes on writing and marketing your books, and she owns an active Facebook group for authors.
  • The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn offers a wealth of practical guidance on writing, self-publishing, and marketing your book.
  • The Editor’s Blog: Editor Beth Hill offers expert guidance on writing and grammar.
  • Fiction University: Janice Hardy’s blog is packed with helpful articles on all aspects of the writing process.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors: K.M. Weiland does an amazing job of explaining story structure, characterization, conflict, and other fundamentals of writing in an incisive but accessible and entertaining way.
  • Jane Friedman: Jane provides thorough, in-depth practical advice on both traditional and independent publishing.
  • This Itch of Writing: Emma Darwin explores the nuts and bolts of writing, such as plotting and point of view, in a thoughtful, in-depth manner.


  • Jenna Moreci: With tips on various subjects, from creating chemistry between characters to overused tropes to avoid, Jenna’s videos are funny, entertaining, and informative.
  • Brandon Sanderson’s Lectures at Brigham Young University: This series of lectures is a gold mine for science fiction and fantasy authors, but it’s likely to help writers of other genres too. He explores everything from creating characters to worldbuilding and magic systems.


  • The Creative Penn Podcast: Author Joanna Penn covers many topics related to writing and publishing and interviews professionals in the field.
  • The Dead Robots’ Society Podcast: By aspiring writers, for aspiring writers.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors: Author K.M. Weiland offers practical advice on various aspects of storytelling and story structure.
  • Story Grid PodcastShawn Coyne, editor and author of Story Grid, and Tim Grahl, struggling writer, discuss what makes a story great, offering their own work to be critiqued.
  • Writing Excuses: Hosted by science fiction/fantasy authors Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and others, Writing Excuses offers tips on writing techniques. “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.”


The Writer’s Life & Tips on the Writing Process (See sections below on specific aspects of the writing process.) :

Point of View & Characterization:


Plot, Structure, and Pacing:

Exposition and Description (Balancing “Showing” & “Telling”):

Self Editing:


Websites, Videos, Podcasts & Newsletters:


Marketing Your Book:

Websites, Videos, Podcasts & Newsletters:


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