Manuscript Evaluation

The manuscript evaluation provides the kind of professional feedback you’re likely to receive from an editor, agent, publisher, or reader. It’ll also help you focus on aspects of your work that readers are likely to love.

It’s much like developmental editing. It usually takes place when the manuscript is finished. As with developmental editing, I analyze the manuscript and provide an editorial letter exploring “big picture” issues such as:

  • characterization
  • point of view
  • dialogue
  • conflict and plot
  • structure and organization
  • themes
  • descriptive writing

However, the feedback is likely to be broader and more general, and I don’t make edits or comments in the text of your manuscript. The process ends with the written critique. We don’t brainstorm solutions together or continue to discuss your project.

This typically costs much less than developmental editing, and further editing or coaching can be provided later if needed.

For more information, see Rates & Policies.

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