Intensive Line Editing

This is my most popular service. I analyze the manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level, highlight some of its strengths, and make edits, comments, and suggestions. Unlike developmental editing and manuscript evaluation, this does not involve reorganizing the manuscript, reshaping the plot, or extensively refining character development, worldbuilding, and other “big picture” issues. However, I might make occasional recommendations on how a particular sentence or paragraph could enrich these elements of your story.

To ensure that the plot, characterization, and other “big picture” elements of your novel have reached their full potential before line editing, I recommend at least one of the following:

  • developmental editing
  • a manuscript evaluation
  • alpha and/or beta reader feedback
  • thorough, thoughtful feedback from a writing workshop or critique partner

Intensive line editing includes copyediting.* It also includes:

  • Improving sentence structure
  • Strengthening the rhythm of the prose
  • Ensuring that each paragraph flows smoothly
  • Fine tuning the pacing of the story
  • Editing for clarity and consistency
  • Ensuring clear and consistent use of point of view
  • Working on effective use of dialogue
  • Revising, where appropriate, to use active vs. passive voice
  • Editing to use precise and varied word choices
  • Revising anything else that might distract readers from your story

*After line editing, a final round of light copyediting or proofreading is recommended.

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