Please email me at

If you’re inquiring about editing services, please include the following information in your email:

  • Your Genre and Target Audience (examples: urban fantasy for adults or YA romance)
  • The Word Count of Your Manuscript
  • The Type of Services You Need (examples: developmental editing or intensive line editing and help with self publishing and marketing) If you aren’t sure what type of editing you need, I can review your manuscript samples and make recommendations.
  • Your Timetable (example: I plan to release my self-published book December 1st.)
  • Your Budget
  • Please include three samples from different sections of your manuscript (for example: the first chapter, a chapter from the middle, and a chapter near the end). This will give me a better sense of your editorial needs.

Upon request I will provide a free sample edit of 1000 words of your manuscript (about 4 double-spaced pages). This will demonstrate the type of editing I recommend and help you decide whether I’m a good fit for you.